Friday, July 26, 2013

LOS Youth Job Program in full swing

With the looming prospect of the "workforce exodus" due to retiring baby boomers and the aging population, we need to look at our youth to fill that void. Preparing our youth to be skilled in the workforce is paramount for a healthy, sustainable US Economy.

So what's being done?

Youth unemployment remains high. Though in the summer of 2012 we saw a slight increase (1%) of youth in the job market, low income youth were the least likely to work summer jobs. One out of 5 teens from a low income family had a job. Last summer, only 16% of African-American low-income youth and 22% of Hispanic youth with a family income of less than $40,000 held a job.

Youth summer employment programs at LOS focuses on empowering our youth with tools needed to enter the workforce.


Workshops include:
  •   Interview Etiquette
  •   Team building acitivies
  •   Hands-on internship opportunity with local businessess
  •   and more...

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