Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The quest for knowledge...

A note from our Higher Education/Job Readiness Coordinator

I am happy to report that this fiscal year has been very successful; we, as an organization, and as a group of students that were part of the college tours, took pride in our quest for knowledge and empowerment.  We took some valuable steps in going on eight college tours to find out what each school offered.  The colleges as well as the campuses differed from one to the next and this is what made them interesting. 

The range of the group of the students’ grades ranged from freshman in high school to sophomore in college and the interests differed from one student to the other.  I would like to think that the students learned how to maneuver through college admissions and financial aid; or at least how to find, and where to find, any necessary help to apply to a higher education institution.

We took our last college tour for the year at The University of Chicago August 21, 2013.  I was very excited that some students were genuinely interested in coming to this tour because it shows resolve and hunger to succeed in life.  The students engaged in the presentation with the admissions officer by asking questions and giving their comments.  We also learned that this is where the first atom was split in 1938 and this is where the first Heisman Trophy was born ; “Known initially as the DAC Trophy, it was first presented to Jay Berwagner, the legendary "one man gang" from the University of Chicago on December 9, 1935”.

One student said that “the best thing about the school is that they cater to students during finals by creating an environment where many learning tools are at the students’ disposition."  The second thing that the student liked was the campus itself.  She liked the combination of the Neo-Gothic with a few of the more modern structures such as the exercise facility and the open green spaces.  The least thing that the student liked, or didn’t like, was the "high price to attend this institution”.

I believe that after these college tour experiences the students have a better understanding of how and where to apply; they have a better rounded idea of how to build their future, and that’s what this program is all about. 

On a personal note, I wish that more students participate in the coming year because the more exposed to knowledge, the better prepared one is to succeed in life.

Thank you all
Luis Alberto Muñoz.
Higher Education Coordinator
For more information on our Higher Education program you can contact Luis at 773/581-1900

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Students Visit DePaul University

On July 30th, LOS participants enjoyed a day at DePaul University. The event began with a tour at the welcoming center and talk about DePaul admission procedures, requirement, important dates to remember, information about life at Depaul, and financial aid.

Participants were able to ask questions to prepare them for admission into a higher educational institution.

The students were able to tour the campus and were amazed by the wide open spaces of DePaul grounds, the sports and exercise facilities, and the many bistros the school has to offer.

"I can totally see myself coming here. I like the open spaces that the school has," A participant said.

LOS offers several college tours throughout the year in order to expose participants to college life and options. Although we try to meet the needs of the participants preferences, we help participants find schools that is a right fit.

If you are interested in participating in our program contact LOS at 773-571-1900.