Wednesday, May 15, 2013

LOS Youth Storm the Capitol

Democracy in action!

LOS youth, together with other affiliates of the Chicago Area Project (CAP), took the Capitol by storm, all with one message...

"What about us?"

The event started with a rally at the State House Inn in Springfield where over 200 youth came together to share their stories of living in areas of violence and finding hope in youth programs across the state.

Many voices were heard throughout the day...

"...own your future."

"...Give voice to what you want."

"Make sure we (youth) are a priority."

"Youth are making a difference in our community."

"It is not over."

Two of LOS' very own spoke about their experiences in living the war against violence, and surviving. One clear message spread throughout the event...

Youth can make a difference.
They can influence their friends and their communities to build better, safer neighborhoods.
And they were ready to demand the resources to do just that.

with State Representative Elizabeth Hernandez

with State Senator Martin Sandoval
at the steps of the Capitol
Our youth deserve to live without fear...

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